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Depart from Lake Como to embrace Lake Maggiore!

Explore Lake Maggiore in Italy, a serene haven with rich culture, history, and natural allure. Encourage clients to discover its irresistible charm, enhancing their travel experiences and introducing them to captivating narratives and hospitality. Let's embark together, highlighting the authentic charm and splendor of Lake Maggiore.
Posted on Fév 15, 2024

Immersing yourselves in the serene beauty of Lake Maggiore in Italy. It’s more than just a tourist destination; it’s a tranquil haven waiting to be explored, where you can delve into the rich tapestry of its culture, history, and natural allure that define the Italian lakes region. We invite you to encourage your clients to discover the irresistible allure of Lake Maggiore. By advocating for this distinctive journey, you will not only enhance their travel experiences but also introduce them to the fascinating narratives and hospitality that this scenic destination offers. Let’s embark together on this enchanting journey, highlighting the authentic charm and splendor of Lake Maggiore.

A lake to discover in many ways

At Lake Maggiore, you can explore a multitude of beautiful sites and landscapes. Here are some highlights not to be missed:

The Borromean Islands

Isola Bella, Isola Madre, and Isola dei Pescatori, famous for their exquisite gardens, historical palaces, and panoramic views of the lake.

The botanical gardens of Villa Taranto

Located near Verbania, these spectacular gardens host an astonishing variety of plants and flowers from around the world.

The picturesque towns

Stresa, Pallanza, and Cannobio, each offering its own character and unique attractions.

The castles and palaces

Angera Castle, offering breathtaking views, and the Borromean Palace on Isola Bella, with its sumptuous interiors and lush gardens.

Experience Lake Maggiore: Stay, Explore and Taste

An extraordinary event unfolds on Isola Bella, steeped in its mermaid legends. Pastel dresses adorned with delicate organza flowers, alongside intricately styled hairdos, grace this first-of-its-kind gathering by a French fashion house in Italy. It sets the stage for other iconic brands like Dior and Jacquemus. This fusion of art, fashion, and history on Lake Maggiore’s shores underscores its stature as a premier destination for cultural inspiration.

Experience Lake Maggiore: Stay, Explore and Taste

Where to stay ? Boutique Hotel Stresa*****

This hotel offers a blend of history, culture, and relaxation in Stresa’s historic “Casa d’Oro” villa. With over 250 years of hospitality excellence, its unique charm, designed by architect Augusto Guidini, is preserved. Modern amenities, spacious rooms, elegant communal areas, and meticulous décor ensure a private residence feel. Explore the rooms and suites for dream stays.

What to do ? Sail on the calm waters of Lake Maggiore

Embark on a day boat trip to visit the Borromean Islands and explore their magnificent palaces and exceptional botanical gardens. The itinerary can be fully customized to meet your needs!

Where to eat ? Tasting the Italian charm at II Verbano

Experience a unique culinary journey with Chef Marco Sacco at Il Verbano, a romantic hotel-restaurant on Isola dei Pescatori, the smallest of the Borromean Islands. Discover the authentic flavors of the region.

We hope we have sparked your interest and encouraged you to present to your clients the soothing beauty of Lake Maggiore in Italy. Stay tuned to discover more exceptional journeys to come!

Buon viaggio!