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Buddhist Zazen meditation

1 hr
Small group

Zazen seated meditation practitioners seek to calm the body and mind to bring themselves closer to enlightenment. This is the most important aspect of Zen Buddhist practice, learning to sit quietly and detach from thoughts and judgement. Join the monks of Bishamondo Shourinji Temple as they lead you into the first steps of this meditative practice within the quiet tatami halls and garden-facing porches of the temple.

Shourinji Temple itself was built in 1550, and the Heian-era statue of Bishamonten which graces the altar was originally found hidden in the ceiling of Tofukuji Temple.

Venues you will see

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Important information

The schedule may be subject to slight changes, running a bit longer or shorter. This activity will be conducted in Japanese. However, participants will be provided with English pamphlets on how to meditate. Please wear clothing that you can sit in comfortably.

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