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Nara private guided tour


Just a short train ride from Kyoto lies quaint Naramachi, or Nara 奈良, home to Japan’s largest bronze Buddha and famous for its wild deer. In this Nara Tour, a day trip from Kyoto, you will join a local guide for a tour of Nara, visiting key temples such as Todai-ji, Kasuga Shrine, and Kofuku-ji and learning about the Nara period in Japanese history.

You will also drop in on the deer, famous for their comfort around humans, you may even walk up and feed a few.

Venues you will see

Kofuku-ji – Kasuga Shrine – Todai-ji

Additionals fees infos *

A one-way train ticket from Kyoto and Nara is included in the price of the tour, which will be bought for you by your guide on-site.

Important information

* This informations may change depending on the itinerary established by our team.

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