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Private guided tour of Hiroshima

8 hrs

This tour is a perfect comprehensive view into the history and culture, led by a local historian. It will allows you for a look at Hiroshima 広島 Peace Memorial Park and Museum, the Atomic Bomb Dome, Miyajima Island and a deeper understanding of the destruction this city faced, as well as how it was rebuilt to become the thriving hub it is today.

It digs into the contrasts that define Japan (war and peace, urban development and serene nature) providing a fully fleshed out idea of what life is like in this important city.

Venues you will see

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum – Atomic Bomb Dome – Miyajima Island – Itsukushima Shrine

Additionals fees infos *

Entrances tickets, lunch and transportation are not included in the cost.

Important information

* This informations may change depending on the itinerary established by our team.

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