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The interactive Samurai Museum

Private or small group

This interactive museum has everything samurai fans are looking for. First there is a guided tour about the history of samurai and history of Kyoto. Then you will can put up a samurai armor and learn samurai sword techniques from a swords master.
Afterwards there is an interactive ninja experience session where you can throw ninja stars at the target or use a blow gun. The tour finishes with a breath taking samurai show. All of these experiences are included in the ticket and the place is currently the best rated museum in Kyoto. For those who want to use a real samurai sword and slash or chop things, the museum offers the tameshigiri sword cutting experience multiple times a day. If you are into the samurai games, the museum also has a virtual reality game service on the 2nd floor.

Kyoto samurai & ninja museum is an interactive experience way beyond a museum. It is more like a samurai village or samurai theme park with a free samurai history and zen lesson. By taking the tour and the experiences you will feel like a samurai for a day and travel back in time to the feudal Japan. You can visit there anytime between 10 am and 8 pm. Just look for the sign near the Nishiki Market. Don’t forget to ask the staff about the hidden samurai spots in Kyoto city.

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