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Tokyo Manga and Anime guided tour


Explore Tokyo’s hub for otaku, providing an intimate look at one of Japan’s most misunderstood subcultures. Otaku is a term for devoted enthusiasts, most often of manga (comic books), anime (cartoons), and video games: cultural products that are now seen as an inescapable part of life in contemporary Japan.

Rather than a museum of any kind, Akihabara 秋葉原 is a living marketplace, grouping stores of all types that cater to the fandom surrounding manga and anime. As you visit this unique shopping district, you’ll peel back the layers of contemporary Japanese culture, developing a richer understanding of the origins of otaku and placing the phenomenon in the greater context of Japanese society.

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This tour is suitable and will be adapted by the expert for teens, generally opting out of certain theme cafes and adult-themed shops.

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