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Can I book directly as a private individual?

Unfortunately, no. Bookings must be made through a travel advisor. If you need assistance in finding one, feel free to email us for contacts. 

What's the process for planning a trip with Essential Travel?

Travel advisors can easily request a quote by completing our online form. After submission, one of our itinerary designers will contact you within 3 business days. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM Eastern Time. 

How does payment work?

An initial deposit is required upon itinerary confirmation. The final payment is due 60 days before the departure date.

Is passenger information needed to start booking?

Yes, details such as contact information, flight numbers, dietary restrictions, etc., are collected via a form once the itinerary isconfirmed. If we don’t receive the requested information promptly, some services may no longer be available or may have significantly changed in price.

When are travel documents sent?

Documents are emailed at least 30 – 45 days prior to departure. After your approval, they are shared with your customers via Axus, our platform, unless you prefer using your own system. 

Can you suggest activities and sights?

Absolutely! We include recommendations for restaurants, museums, and local activities in the travel documents. Useful information about the destination, like currency and tipping etiquette, is also provided. 

Do you arrange reservations at restaurants and other venues?

Yes, we can make such arrangements. Credit card details of your customers will be required for this service. 

During travel

Who to contact in case of emergencies during the trip?

A 24-hour emergency hotline in English is provided. The contact details are included in the travel documents. 

Who is responsible for paying the hotel city tax?

This expense is covered by the customers. 

What can be expected in terms of hotel comfort compared to U.S. standards?

Our selected hotels are rated between 4 and 5 stars, but room sizes might be smaller compared to U.S. standards. Beds are usually two twins joined together rather than queen or king sizes. 

Is air conditioning available in accommodations?

The availability of air conditioning varies by country and may be less common than in the U.S. due to environmental standards. 

Is an international driver's license necessary for car rentals?

It’s not mandatory, but we highly recommend obtaining one. 

Can rental cars be returned to a different location?

Yes, although this may incur additional fees. 

Are road signs in English?

No, road signs are in the local language of the country being visited.

Can you predict the weather at the destination?

We cannot guarantee specific weather conditions. It’s best to research the local climate in advance to choose the optimal travel period.

Do local guides speak English?

Yes, all our selected guides speak English, though local accents are to be expected.

What if no wildlife is seen during excursions?

As these are wild animals in their natural habitat, sightings cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, refunds for this reason are not available.

Do customers need to pay in advance for dining and other services?

Generally, payments are made on-site unless specified otherwise.

Are tours available during holidays?

Tours on vacations, religious, or historical holidays may not be available. It’s likely that they won’t operate on these days.

Is it normal for train or plane schedules to change?

Yes, schedule changes are common due to various factors like maintenance work. We’ll keep your customers informed about any such adjustments.

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