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Alaskan Northern Lights

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Travel Itinerary

Day 1
Fairbanks Area

Pick up a car in Fairbanks airport

Pike’s Waterfront Lodge ★★★ (7 nights)

Day 2

Running Reindeer Ranch walk

Take part in an immersive reindeer walk through a magical birch forest! A lifelong Alaskan will lead you as you walk alongside our furry friends. Get ready to play reindeer games while observing the adaptations that make reindeer ideal for Arctic living. After the hour-long walk, you’ll head inside to learn more about reindeer while enjoying homemade cookies and drinks.

Reindeer grazing peacefully in a snowy landscape, their antlers covered in snow.

Aurora Viewing Adventure

In this luxurious Northern Lights adventure, you will explore prime viewing locations with the help of a local expert. Get lost in stargazing, be awed by constellations, and even have the chance to see shooting stars. Enjoy a campfire experience with delicious, homegrown Alaskan reindeer hot dogs while waiting for the Northern Lights.

A photo of a beautiful aurora in middle of the night. The sky is filled with wavy shades from green to purple.

Day 3

Ice fishing

Live the experience of an afternoon of ice fishing in a tent on a frozen lake. Like a fisherman, you will feel the patience that comes with wondering if the fish will take the bait. Regardless of the catch, the experience promises camaraderie, laughter, and the learning of ice fishing skills, including using an auger to create your fishing hole and setting up the fishing tent.

A fishing cane and fish caught from an ice hole.
Day 4

Artic Aurora drive adventure

Take a van tour of Alaska’s Arctic history, witness the Trans Alaska Pipeline, traverse the Dalton Highway, and receive an official certificate by crossing the Arctic Circle. Visit Joy, Alaska, which is 60 miles from Fairbanks, to view the Aurora and stay outside during Solar Midnight, the most active time in Alaska’s Arctic.

Aurora in middle of the night. The sky is filled with wavy shades from green to purple.
Day 5

Dog mushing adventure

Live the experience of an authentic dog sled ride in Alaska. This tour gets you deeper into the dog mushing lifestyle in Fairbanks – the capital of dog sledding in Alaska – with its mesmerizing nature and wilderness, away from the crowds and busy life. Meet the newborn puppies and world-class lead dogs, and learn to ride with them in or behind the sled.

A woman drives a sled pulled by dogs in winter landscape.
Day 6

Northern lights Alaska tours

Relax and go hunting for the Northern Lights in a world-renowned resort just 60 miles from Fairbanks. Immerse yourself in mineral hot springs amidst a picturesque natural environment steeped in history. Start with one of the world’s largest ice bar museum, take a break at the Rustic Bar & Coffee or restaurant on-site, and enjoy the enchanting display of northern lights.

Aurora in middle of the night. The sky is filled with wavy shades from green to red.
Day 7

Day at leisure to explore Fairbanks on own

Day 8

Drop off car at Fairbanks airport