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Colonial Charms of Mexico

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Day 1
San Miguel de Allende

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Day 2

San Miguel de Allende walking tour

Discover a captivating stroll through the enchanting historic downtown area of San Miguel, immersing yourself in its rich architecture, storied history, and vibrant culture. Delve into the heart of this picturesque town as we explore its iconic churches and historic landmarks, each bearing witness to the compelling tale of its founding and illustrious past. Gain deep insights into the evolution of this unforgettable destination, where every cobblestone street and charming plaza whispers tales of bygone eras and enduring legacies.

Afternoon at leisure to explore on own

Day 3

Mexican Cooking Workshop

Spend a delightful day exploring the history of traditional Mexican cuisine at a nearby restaurant near San Miguel de Allende. Led by an expert cook, explore the significance of regional ingredients and learn to prepare some of Mexico’s most vibrant dishes. Spend the morning uncovering the origins and cultural importance of these ingredients before diving into hands-on cooking. With guidance every step of the way, work alongside local cooks to craft handmade corn tortillas, flavorful salsas, appetizers, hearty main dishes, and delectable desserts.

Day 4

Morning at leisure

San Miguel de Allende food tour

Join this culinary walking tour showcasing five award-winning restaurants in San Miguel de Allende. Sample gourmet delights like tamal, jicama shrimp taco, chile en ogada, local desserts, and seasonal dishes, enough for a satisfying dinner. Discover the inspirations behind each dish, crafted by award-winning chefs using locally sourced ingredients, all while immersing yourself in Mexico’s culinary traditions.

Day 5 & 6

Days at leisure

We suggest exploring the Toy Museum “La Esquina,” featuring over 1,000 culturally diverse objects in four galleries, showcasing pottery, dolls, transportation-themed toys, and more. Nearby, the Historic Museum “Museo Histórico” honors Ignacio Jose de Allende y Unzaga, a key figure in Mexican independence, with exhibits on his life, colonial art, and Mexico’s archaeological heritage. Don’t miss the San Miguel de Allende Masks Museum, offering a glimpse into indigenous Mexican culture with over 500 masks. Advanced reservations are required.

Day 7

Ignacio Ramirez local market tour

Visit Ignacio Ramirez Market and uncover a diverse array of local and national artisanal products, including Huichol, Nahua, and Otomi Art. Indulge in locally produced cheeses, street food, natural herbs, aguamiel, pulque, fruits, vegetables, tamales, atoles, flowers, pottery, fresh-made tortillas, gorditas, and more.

Day 8

El Charco del Ingenio tour

Just minutes away from San Miguel de Allende lies El Charco del Ingenio, a remarkable Botanical Garden and Nature Reserve boasting an extensive collection of cacti and succulent plants native to Mexico. Many of these species are rare, threatened, or endangered. This guided tour is the best way to discover the reserve.

Day 9

Private transfer to Guanajuato

Hotel Villa Maria Cristina ★★★★★ (3 nights)

Guanajuato walking tour

Explore the fascinating city of Guanajuato, renowned for its rich history and stunning architecture. Begin your journey at Juarez Theater before strolling to iconic landmarks including the Basilica of Guanajuato, the famous Alley of the Kiss, and the historic Alhondiga de Granaditas. Marvel at the beauty of the city’s charming plazas along the way. Time permitting, venture to the Mummy Museum or visit an old silver mine in La Valenciana to admire the church of San Cayetano.

Day 10

Day at leisure

We suggest exploring Guanajuato’s Mummies Museum, a collection of 111 naturally mummified bodies, and riding the funicular to El Pipila for stunning city views. Visit the Alhóndiga de Granaditas Regional Museum, an architectural marvel and historic site showcasing art, handicrafts, and exhibits on Mexican Independence.

Day 11

Guanajuato Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera tour

Explore the intertwined lives of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, two iconic Mexican artists who shaped modernism amidst their passionate relationship. This 2-hour tour delves into their world, starting with a visit to the Diego Rivera Museum, where Rivera lived and created much of his art. Immerse yourself in his history as you encounter his artwork, personal belongings, and photographs, gaining insight into his life and creative process.

Day 12

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