Travel Itinerary

Day 1

Pick up a car at the airport

Halekulani Hotel ★★★★★ (2 nights)

Day 2

Kayak tour in Kaneohe Bay

Dive into Kaneohe Bay’s pristine waters on a kayak and snorkeling adventure! Explore unique reefs, encounter diverse marine life, and visit the famed “sunken island” sandbar. With a waterproof map and expert guidance, you’re set for a thrilling day. Thanks to Oahu’s protective barrier reef, the bay offers calm waters perfect for adventurers of all ages, making it a snorkeler’s paradise in Hawaii!

Day 3

Drop of car at the airport

Flight from Honolulu to Lihue

Pick up car at the airport

Koa Kea Hotel & Resort ★★★★ (3 nights)

Day 4

Morning at leisure to explore Kauai Island

Kauai Island Helicopter tour

Soar through the skies on a 50-minute helicopter ride over Kauai’s awe-inspiring landscapes! Feel the thrill as you glide past the dramatic cliffs of the Na Pali Coast, discover hidden waterfalls in Waimea Canyon, and gaze at the stunning turquoise waters of Hanalei Bay and Bali Hai Cliffs. Wrap up your adventure with a mesmerizing view of Mount Waialeale, where 14 breathtaking waterfalls flow from this ancient volcano.

Day 5

Kauai Jeep tour with picnic on the beach

Hop into a customized Jeep tour for a 5-hour Kauai adventure! Marvel at Waimea Canyon’s grandeur, opt for a hike to the stunning 800-foot Waipoo Falls, or visit the iconic Spouting Horn blowhole. Spot humpback whales or Hawaiian Monk Seals, and explore hidden gems tailored to your interests. A local guide will personalize your experience on this ‘go at your own pace’ tour according to your desires.

Day 6

Big Island

Drop off car at the airport

Flight from Lihue to Kona

Pick up car at the airport

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel ★★★★ (2 nights)

Day 7

A day to enjoy the sea

Learn to surf or review the basics already acquired – get lazy on the magnificent beaches of the coast – dive into the most beautiful reefs of the archipelago – discover Kailua-Kona, a small town that was for a long time the capital of the kings of Hawaii and still preserves several royal residences – visit the Kaloko-Honokohau National Park and its turtles – hold a seahorse at the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm – a walk in the surrounding coffee plantations

Snorkeling & Manta rays tour

Head out into the Pacific Ocean off Kona to see the sunset over the water before diving in to enjoy swimming freely with Manta Rays in their underwater nighttime realm, an electric experience unlike anything else in the world.

Day 8

Drive to Volcano Village

Volcano Village Lodge ★★★ (2 nights)

Day 9

Volcanoes National Park tour

Benefit from a flexible itinerary and personalized attention on this private tour of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. With a guide dedicated to just you and your party, walk over cooled lava flows and through a rainforest to see steam vents in action. Try the early 5 am start time if you’d like to watch the sunrise over Kilauea before the crowds arrive for the day.

Reindeer grazing peacefully in a snowy landscape, their antlers covered in snow.

Day 10


Drop off car at the airport

Flight from Kona to Kahukui

Pick up car at the airport

Hotel Wailea ★★★★★ (3 nights)

Day 11

Day at leisure to explore Wailea-Makena surroundings

Hike in the Iao Valley under the lava needles covered with jungle – Haleakala National Park and its gigantic volcano – rave about the prowess of surfers who have come to tame some of the wildest waves in the world – unwind for miles to discover the little ones fishing ports, whaling towns, sugar cane fields, etc.

Day 12

Catamaran trip with snorkeling stop

Sail off to Molokini on a thrilling catamaran adventure! This snorkeling adventure is full of natural beauty and captivating stories! Dive into the crystal-clear waters of this ancient, 230,000-year-old crater, boasting up to 150 feet of visibility on sunny days. Explore its vibrant 23-acre expanse, home to nearly 250 colorful fish species and 38 types of dazzling coral. Learn about its fascinating history as a fishing hub for Polynesian settlers.

Day 13

Drive to Hana

Enjoy your car ride on the road to Hana

Ride across the exhilarating Road to Hana, Maui’s legendary drive packed with 617 hairpin turns and 59 daring one-lane bridges. Cruising at a leisurely 25 mph, you’ll weave through lush landscapes that demand your attention. Stop to marvel at cascading waterfalls, pick up unique handmade jewelry, and indulge in fresh pineapple and mouthwatering banana bread from charming roadside stands.

Travaasa Hana Hotel ★★★★ (2 nights)

Day 14

Day at leisure to relax

Day 15

Drop off car at the airport

Fly home