Travel Itinerary

Day 1

Private transfer from aiport to hotel

Banyan Tree Puebla ★★★★ (2 nights)

Day 2

Puebla Walking tour

Uncover a storied city with a rich past and culinary delights. Enjoy a private tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site city center, adorned with colonial-era architecture. Explore the bustling main square, visit the stunning Palafox Library, and marvel at ornate churches. Stop by El Parian market and the candy street for local crafts and sweet treats.

Puebla Food tour

Discover Puebla’s culinary richness as we embark on a gastronomic adventure near the Zócalo, delving into the neighborhood to sample local delights. Indulge in tacos árabes, crunchy pelona sandwiches, and artisan candies like tortitas de Santa Clara. Explore La Acocota market for native fruits and ingredients, savoring mole poblano and the iconic cemita sandwich. Conclude with an artisan liqueur tasting, gaining insight into Puebla’s distinct food scene.

Hands emptying a chili pepper over a kitchen worktop.

Day 3
Mexico City

Private transfer to Mexico City with guided excursion stop

Cholula guided excursion (pending transfer)

Nestled near the towering Popocatepetl volcano, explore Cholula’s rich historical treasures. Discover the ancient Franciscan convent of San Gabriel and the impressive Tlachihualtepetl pyramid, Mexico’s largest. Delve into underground tunnels beneath the pyramid and ascend to the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios for panoramic views. Explore the renowned Talavera pottery studios and markets, showcasing iconic cobalt-blue patterns crafted using traditional methods.

Las Alcolbas ★★★★★ (5 nights)

Day 4

Historic Center & Bellas Artes Palacio tour

Embark on a 3-hour tour of Mexico City’s Historic Center with a local expert, perfect for first-time visitors. Begin at the ancient Templo Mayor ruins, delve into the Metropolitan Cathedral’s architectural wonders, and glimpse the National Palace. Optionally, explore San Ildefonso College for Mexican art. Wander through El Centro’s streets, admiring the historic architecture, before concluding at Palacio de Bellas Artes to marvel at its murals.

The Ballet Folklorico tickets

Founded in 1952 by choreographer Amalia Hernández, Ballet Folklórico is Mexico’s most revered traditional dance company. Ballet Folklórico combines Mexican folkloric music, dance, and costumes that have been around since pre-Colombian civilizations into the modern era in one performance.

Day 5

Teotihuacan tour

Explore the Teotihuacan pyramids – a UNESCO World Heritage site – on a day trip from Mexico City, with the help of a knowledgeable archaeologist or historian. Just an hour away, Teotihuacan boasts ancient pyramids, palaces, and murals dating back to 100 B.C. Spend the morning with an expert guide delving into its pre-Columbian significance. After a local Mexican lunch, venture to Acolman to visit a 16th-century convent pivotal in the Spanish conquest’s conversion of indigenous populations to Catholicism.

Day 6

National Museum of Anthropology tour

Get a guided tour of Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology with a historian or anthropologist. Explore a vast collection of pre-Hispanic relics, including the iconic Stone of the Sun. Delve into the histories of Teotihuacan and the Aztecs, examining their influence on Mesoamerican culture. Marvel at the Sun Stone and learn about its significance in US/Mexican relations and Mexican identity. Discover the impact of the Spanish conquest and syncretism on native populations. Explore Mayan culture and architecture, including a visit to a celebrated archaeological site.

Day 7

Xochimilco Floating Gardens tour

Explore Xochimilco’s floating flower gardens with a local guide. Learn about the ancient Aztec agricultural system and navigate the canals aboard a colorful trajinera typical boat. Experience the vibrant market, indulge in pre-Hispanic cuisine, and visit a grassroots community project preserving cultural heritage and native species. Conclude with a visit to Bernardino de Siena Church and sampling authentic Aztec delicacies in a local barrio.

Coyoacan District & Frida Kahlo Museum tour

Begin this discovery at the Frida Kahlo Museum, where you’ll explore the Caza Azul and learn about Frida’s life and iconic works rarely seen outside Mexico City. Then, visit the former home of Leon Trotsky, delving into Mexico’s political history. Stroll through Coyoacán’s vibrant streets, passing by historic homes of renowned artists and writers, and savor local treats before discovering landmarks like Callejón del Aguacate and Parroquia San Juan Bautista cathedral.

Private transfer to hotel
Day 8

Private driver at disposal until drop off at the airport

Mexico City Historic Jewish tour

Learn more about the early 20th-century Jewish immigrant experience in Mexico’s Historic Center during this excursion through the city. Visit two of the oldest synagogues in Mexico, stroll through neighborhoods where Jewish life thrives, and learn about immigration history at Loreto Park. Explore significant sites like the Israeli School and a market adorned with murals, concluding with a visit to the historic Ashkenazi Synagogue.

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