Jewish Heritage

We believe that exploring religious heritage and traditions are very important. 
We have a network of very knowledgeable Jewish guides with access to Jewish sites.
We provide meals that reflect religious traditions, such as dining at kosher restaurants or Shabbat meals.


Enjoy a tour of Philadelphia with a local Jewish guide

Follow the Jewish people of Philadelphia from their earliest days fleeing the Inquisition to the modern communities carving out their own spaces in a changing social and political landscape.

Visit Goodies by Roz, a Kosher bakery.

Visit the oldest synagogue building in North America

Touro Synagogue of Newport, Rhode Island, which dates to 1763 and was built by Spanish and Portuguese Jewish immigrant.

Have lunch at Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles

Canter’s is a symbol of American Jewish culture’s westward migration.  The Canters moved west after the crash of 1929 and started fresh in California.  The Art Deco restaurant is a monument in his own.

A walk through 500 years of Jewish Mexico

This walking tour takes you to the oldest Ashkenazi synagogue.  You will visit the Headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition which persecuted Jews for three centuries. You will also see the buildings and influence left in the city by the Jewish community before visiting the Museum of Jewish Heritage.




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