Spa & Relaxation

We believe that travel should be relaxing and enable you to improve your mental and physical well-being. We like to plan trips which are a good mix of activities, but also special time to relax and discover how other cultures like to unwind.

Our Favorite Experiences

A Scandinavian experience in a floating spa on the St Lawrence River

This is a unique place perpetually anchored on the eastern side of the Old Port near Rue McGill, catch incredible views of the Old Montreal port, feel the snowflake on your skin, discover the waterfront as you move through Bota Bota’s water circuit.

A Mayan experience in a cenote

A unique opportunity of summiting yourselves to a once in a life time intercultural experience of discovery and feeling. An authentic ancient Mayan culture bath.

Japanese experience in Santa Fe

Ten Thousand Waves is inspired by the great Japanese mountain hot spring resorts. It is ten minutes from downtown Santa Fe, but only minutes from the National Forest.

The beautiful outdoor hot tubs, world-class bodywork, and the amazing izanami restaurant are minutes from downtown in a piñon forest.

A health spa experience in California

An idyllic wellness retreat, a place where to rejuvenate , where to go for hikes,  take a fitness class, enjoy spa treatments and feel fit and zen again.



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